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The boats of Codecasa’s Vintage Series are starting to feel like the components of an extravagant magic trick. Ladies and gentlemen, watch these three carefully: the first, launched in 2011, is 42 metre Magari; the second, 42 metre Libra, which hit the water in 2013; while the third – and largest so far – 50 metre Gazzella, was unveiled last year. There is variation in size but the DNA is identical – classic lines that hark back to the mid 20th century, with a layout that offers 21st century-sized spaces.  Old-fashioned grace, modern proportions – and, from the dock, that family lineage is clear. But the interior styles of the three boats are so far apart that, while exploring one, it is hard to believe that she could be related to either of the Others.

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Codecasa 42 Vintage F75 (Yacht Première n.31, 2014)

In issue 22, Yacht Première presented a full portrait of the firstCodecasa 42. Bearing yard number F73 and later named Magari by her lucky Owner, this luxurious motor yacht marked the start of the new Vintage Series. This new collection of exclusive vessels has been specially created by the Italian shipyard to bring back into the limelight a classic style with a timeless appeal – that of the legendary navettes in vogue in the early years of the last century in both Europe and North America.

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UNA BELLA STORIA ITALIANA (Barche n.1, Gennaio 2014)

 Quasi due secoli di storia non sono un elemento che in tanti possono vantare nella nautica da diporto…

L’azienda che dirigo ha una lunga storia nella costruzione di quasi ogni tipo di mezzo navale.

Siamo passati dai velieri commerciali ai pescherecci, dalle navi porta container alle motovedette per la Guardia Costiera, dalle imbarcazioni sportive off-shore agli yacht dislocanti in acciaio fino a 65 metri,  passando per motoryacht veloci in alluminio.

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Framura 3  is the sixth planing sports yacht constructed by Italian yard Codecasa, as well as being the second model for the same owner and the largest model in the S range built by the yard. Codecasa inaugurated the sports yacht series in 2004 with the 35 metre Maria Carla, now renamed Exxtreme. After launching another S model, a 35 metre, in 2004, the range stretched in dimensions in 2007 with the launch of a 41 metre, followed by another 41 metre, also custom, in 2009.

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