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Press Review

M/Y ALDABRA (Yacht Capital, August 2012)

Chissà se il detto latino In nomen omen vale anche per le barche. Di certo, la scelta di battezzare una barca con il nome di un atollo corallino, che è un vero paradiso interdetto all’uomo, deve avere un significato. Aldabra, questo il nome dell’ultimo Codecasa 51 sceso in acqua, è infatti un atollo appartenente alle isole Seychelles che affiora appena dall’Oceano Indiano. Dichiarato patrimonio dell’umanità dall’Unesco, è abitato solo dalle tartarughe giganti che portano lo stesso nome, oltre che dagli ultimi uccelli incapaci di volare. Per l’armatore, è probabilmente un modo per sottolineare l’unicità di una barca, ma anche il suo incredibile ruolo di paradiso magico, privato e interdetto ai più.

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M/Y FRAMURA 2 (Yacht première n. 21, 2011)

At the beginning of summer last year, Cantieri Navali Codecasa launched Framura 2, and later delivered it to its Owner. This vessel is the largest sports motor yacht produced to date by the famous Italian shipyard. Framura 2 is the first build of the Codecasa 45s, and therefore currently the flagship of Cantieri Navali Codecasa’s prestigious sports fleet, officially titled Open Codecasa Sport but known as “the Maria Carla series”. This series, which began with the first Codecasa 35s Maria Carla, and to which the illustrious Codecasa 41s model also belongs, will soon be expanded to include a new Codecasa 50s, the first build of which is already under construction.

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M/Y FAMILY DAY – F.71 (Yacht première n. 19, 2010)

By next summer, new creations from the historic Cantieri Navali Codecasa will be taking to the water, including a new Codecasa 51-metre yacht and the first Codecasa 42-metre Vintage series yacht. These were preceded last year by a prestigious Codecasa 45-metre sports yacht and two exclusive Codecasa 65-metre mega yachts: Lady Lau and Family Day. These two vessels are sister ships but certainly not twin ships, since although they are the same size and have the same naval architecture and engineering, instead of being two different versions of a single design concept, they are completely different creations.

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M/Y LADY LAU (Le Book – Yacht Design – n. 1, 2010)

The Cantieri Navali Codecasa seems refreshingly unaffected by the chilly winds of recession. In 2010 alone, in fact, the Italian shipyard launched and delivered no less than three sparkling new yachts to their delighted owners: two 65-metre displacement vessels and a 45-metre planing open. all embarked upon their maiden voyages and first summer cruises in the Mediterranean. Of the three, however, it was the imposing yet alluring Codecasa 65 Lady Lau that really caught our eye. Clothed in beautifully classic lines, she was built to the specific instructions of her owner who worked hand-in-hand with the yard and architects Anna Maria and Franco Della Role on every step of the project.

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