Rescue Boat “Ognitempo Classe 800 (Serie 2001)”

The All Weather Rescue Boat self righting Class 800 is suitable for maritime rescue and coordination of rescue operations in case of accident; it is equipped and specialized in open sea procedures even in case of adverse weather and sea conditions. Equipped with modern telecommunication, navigation and discovery devices and with some special equipments, such as a perimetrical fender, highly resistant to impacts and abrasions, which besides providing an enormous buoyancy reserve, it allows the approach to any vessel even in adverse sea conditions also as far as the coast limits in shallow waters it has a standard crew of 3 members, they can save up to 15 survivors on board and provide first aid, by means of rescue life rafts, up to 144 persons.

The uniti is now built according to the “Regolamento per la costruzione ed il mantenimento dello standard qualitativo delle unità delle Capitanerie di Porto” (Rules for the construction and the preserving of the Coast Guards’ quality standards) in force since the 1st of November 2000, under the surveillance of R.I.N.A. with the issuing of the relative certificate, to obtain the Class Certificate with the following characteristics:


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