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UNA BELLA STORIA ITALIANA (Barche n.1, Gennaio 2014)

 Quasi due secoli di storia non sono un elemento che in tanti possono vantare nella nautica da diporto…

L’azienda che dirigo ha una lunga storia nella costruzione di quasi ogni tipo di mezzo navale.

Siamo passati dai velieri commerciali ai pescherecci, dalle navi porta container alle motovedette per la Guardia Costiera, dalle imbarcazioni sportive off-shore agli yacht dislocanti in acciaio fino a 65 metri,  passando per motoryacht veloci in alluminio.

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Framura 3  is the sixth planing sports yacht constructed by Italian yard Codecasa, as well as being the second model for the same owner and the largest model in the S range built by the yard. Codecasa inaugurated the sports yacht series in 2004 with the 35 metre Maria Carla, now renamed Exxtreme. After launching another S model, a 35 metre, in 2004, the range stretched in dimensions in 2007 with the launch of a 41 metre, followed by another 41 metre, also custom, in 2009.

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CODECASA 42 VINTAGE (Yacht première n. 22, 2012)

With its new Vintage Series, the famous Italian shipyard Codecasa sets out on a voyage into the past to rediscover the immutable fascination of a glorious era and bring back the eternal beauty of a classic standard. The first fruit of this cultural and design concept is the new Codecasa 42 model, the first hull of which was launched by the Viareggio-based shipyard in June 2011. After completing its maiden voyage, this gentleman’s yacht was displayed at the 21st Monaco Yacht Show in September of the same year. In the prestigious setting of the Monaco show, the new Codecasa mega yacht attracted the attention of all the show’s visitors, who expressed great interest in the exclusive vessel.

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Codecasa – Keeping it in the family (Yachts Emirates n. 32, luglio-agosto 2012)

Codecasa’s two centuries of trading is in itself an achievement, but when a shipyard boasts amongst its production portfolio commercial trawlers, container ships, high-speed Coastguard launches, offshore supply boats, fast aluminum yachts, large open sports yachts and custom steel yachts of up to 65m… that is seriously impressive. Such experience and a spread of competences in varied fields, ensures Codecasa’s reputation for quality of construction is comparable with the best international shipyards. Such a deep knowledge of shipbuilding can only be built over a long history of breaking new ground and a long tradition of innovation. The founding of the Codecasa shipyard in Viareggio dates back to 1825, when Giovanni Battista Codecasa (born in 1803) settled there and began building sailing boats.

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