Codecasa Yachts

Yacht's namePrevious yacht's namesLength OverallYearConstruction N°CompositionPowerNaval architectExterior designerInterior stylist
GRAM24,50 (80'30'')1970F.7Steel - Aluminium2 AifoCodecasaCodecasaCodecasa
OKEANOS A.J.ex G.V. FIRST35,00 (114'8'')1972F.16Steel - Aluminium2 DeutzCodecasaCodecasaCodecasa
BAHARI TU26,00 (85'30'')1973F.19Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaCodecasaCodecasa
TRUK MASTERASTRAL STAR ex DOMICILE/NA-QUE/ ENTREPRENEUR35,40 (116'2'')1974F.22Steel2 G.M.CodecasaBorettiBoretti
CASA BELLAex ATLANTICO, ex NEENAH Z; ex BONHEUR36,75 (120'6'')1975F.25Steel - Aluminium2 G.M.ArrabitoArrabitoArrabito
AFRICAN DREAMex RENALO36,75 (120'6'')1976F.26Steel - Aluminium2 G.M.ArrabitoArrabitoArrabito
FAIR PLAY27,00 (88'58'')1975F.27Steel - Aluminium2 G.M.CodecasaCodecasaCodecasa
AFRICAN QUEEN IIEX ACTION ONE II, ex NEW MATTIA; ex MALUA27,00 (88'58'')1978F.28Steel - Aluminium2 G.M.CodecasaCodecasaCodecasa
SOUTHPAW Cex ZULU SEA; ex GIPSY35,00 (114'8'')1979F.32Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaCodecasaCodecasa
BARCABLU35,00 (114'8'')1981F.37Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCostagutaCodecasaCodecasa
AFROESSA Xex AFORESSA XII, ex PAGONG, ex MAICHOL25,00 (82'0'')1982F.39Steel - Aluminium2 G.M.CodecasaCodecasaCodecasa
ESMERALDAex TAOUEY/ MARIA ALEXANDRA/ LUISELLA62,00 (203'0'')1982F.38Steel - Aluminium2 MAKCodecasaCodecasaCodecasa
BALITAex GUNFLEET OF SOLENT, ex AL HADA, ex DAVANDCHRIS25,00 (82'0'')1983F.40Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaCodecasaCodecasa
LADYAR Bex LADY SOHA, ex NABIL TWO25,00 (82'0'')1984F.41Steel - Aluminium2 G.M.CodecasaCodecasaCodecasa
FANTASIAex MARCALAN IV; ex ALEANNA49,90 (163'7'')1986F.43Steel - Aluminium2 MANCodecasaManfredi/SforziCerruti
LUISAex MY WAY, ex NO LO SE II33,50 (109'9'')1986F.44Steel - Aluminium2 MTUCodecasaManfredi/SforziManfredi/Sforzi
NIGHT FLOWERex ANGELINA M, ex AMBRA, ex LUISELLA II33,50 (109'9'')1987F.45Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaManfredi/SforziManfredi/Sforzi
BEL AMI IIEX MESUFISH PATROL, ex FAMILY DAY, ex ILIKI III33,50 (109'9'')1988F.47Steel - Aluminium2 DeutzCodecasaManfredi/SforziManfredi/Sforzi
ESPINOLAHAPPYSSIMA DEI GALLI ex LAYMAR II, ex CHARLY COPPERS34,70 (113'8'')1989F.50Steel - Aluminium2 DeutzCodecasaManfredi/SforziManfredi/Sforzi
BASHex SOKAR, ex JONIKAL65,00 (213'0'')1989F.51Steel - Aluminium2 Wartsila-NohabCodecasaManfredi/SforziCerruti
JOVY34,50 (113'1'')1990F.53Steel - Aluminium2 DeutzCodecasaManfredi/SforziManfredi/Sforzi
AWAY's50,00 (164'0'')1991C.101Steel - Aluminium2 Wartsila NohabCodecasaManfredi/SforziCastellini
BACHATA QUEENex ST. MARTEEN34,70 (113'8'')1992F.54Steel - Aluminium2 DeutzCodecasaManfredi/SforziManfredi/Sforzi
GOOD BYEex JUNELUCK, ex AQUAJOY37.70 (119'4'')1992F.57Aluminium2 MTUCodecasaDella RoleDella Role
LITTLE STARex LS TWO37.50 (123'0'')1993F.55Steel - Aluminium2 MTUCodecasaManfredi/SforziManfredi/Sforzi
BLUE SKYex BLUE VELVET31,20 (102'4'')1994C.103Aluminium2 MTUMulderMulder DesignGregotti/Della Role
XANAex OURANOS TOO ex BLISS, ex SANCTUARY, ex ILIKI V40,30 (132'2'')1994F.59Steel - Aluminium2 MTUCodecasaDella RoleDella Role
PHAEDRAex EMBARK ex GALU34,70 (113'7'')1995C.102Steel - Aluminium2 DeutzCodecasaManfredi/SforziDella Role
OKTANA38,50 (126'3'')1995C.104Steel - Aluminium2 MTUCodecasaManfredi/SforziDella Role
VISOTTAex LADY HAWK, ex VISOTTA24,30 (80'0'')1995C.5Aluminium2 MTUBacigalupoDella RoleDella Role
TEMPOex NANOOK, ex NOU NOU, ex CHARLY COPPERS47,00 (154'2'')1996F.60Steel - Aluminium2 MTUCodecasaDella RoleDella Role
CYANex RENALO48,70 (159'8'')1997C.105Steel - Aluminium2 MTUCodecasaDella RoleDella Role
TE MANUex ANDALE49,35 (161'9'')1998F.61Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaDella RoleDella Role
INVADER49,90 (163'7'')1999C.106Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaDella RoleDella Role
ANTARESex PRINCESS HELENA, ex LADY HELEN, ex ANTARES STAR33,50 (109'9'')1999C.20Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaDella RoleDella Role
LADY Dex LOLA D31,65 (103'8'')1999F.62Aluminium2 MTUCodecasaDella RoleDella Role
MIMUex MAX, ex PAOLA, ex ILIKI VII35,00 (114'8'')2000C.21Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaDella RoleDella Role
EILEENex DAKOTA, ex MONEIKOS49,90 (163'7'')2000F.63Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaDella RoleDella Role
THE LADY ANN MAGEE49,90 (163'7'')2001C.107Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaDella RoleDella Role
L'ALDEBARAN42,00 (138'0'')2002F.64Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaBacigalupoCerruti/Della Role
MARIU'49.90 (163'7'')2003F.65Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaDella RoleOrtelli/Della Role
KINGFISHex MINA ex CARINA35.00 (114'8'')2003C.33Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaDella RoleDella Role
APOGEE62,00 (203'0'')2003C.108Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaDella RoleDella Role
EXXTREEMEex FLYING DAGGER, ex MARIA CARLA34,90 (114'5'')2004C.109Aluminium2 MTUBacigalupoDella RoleDella Role
ELENA Vex OLMIDA ex GRACE E, ex ANDALE49,90 (163'7'')2004F.66Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaDella RoleDella Role
EMERALDex ESTER II, ex ENJOY, ex SWEETY, ex ILIKI VIII51,00 (167'32'')2005C.111Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaDella RoleDella Role
MARIA CARLA 8ex MARIA CARLA34,90 (114'5'')2005C.113Aluminium2 MTUBacigalupoDella RoleDella Role
FAIR LADYREGINA D'ITALIA II51,00 (167'32'')2006F.67Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaDella Role/ Lazzarini-PickeringLazzarini & Pickering
MONEIKOS62,00 (203'0'')2006C.112Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaDella RoleDella Role/Studio Dedalo
THEOLINAex FERDY43,00 (141'0'')2007F.68Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaDella RoleDella Role
FAMILY DAYex BELLISSIMA C41,00 (134'5'')2007F. 69Aluminium3 MTUBacigalupoBacigalupoDella Role
MAìN65,00 (213'25")2008C.115Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaOrtelli/Della RoleOrtelli/Della Role
EMELINA51,00 (167'32")2008F.70Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaDella RoleDella Role
FLYING DAGGER41,00 ( 134'5'')2009C 119Aluminium3 MTUBacigalupoBacigalupoPorfiri
ETERNITYex FAMILY DAY65,00 (213'25'')2010F 71Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaCodecasa/Della RoleDella Role
TENSHIex FRAMURA 245,00 (147'6'')2010F 72Aluminium3 MTUBacigalupoBacigalupoDella Role/Gozzi
DOUBLE DOWNex LADY LAU65,00 (213'25'')2010C 118Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaDella RoleDella Role
MAGARI42,50 (139',43'')2011F 73Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaCodecasaDella Role
ATLASex ALDABRA51,00 (167'32")2011C116Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaCodecasaDella Role
BON VIVANTFRAMURA 349,90 (163'7'')2013C120Aluminium3 MTUBacigalupoBacigalupoDella Role/Gozzi
LIBRA OMEGAex LIBRA42,50 (139',43'')2013F75Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaCodecasaCodecasa/Della Role
KADIMO'Sex GAZZELLA II ex GAZZELLA49,90 (163'7'')2015C 121Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaCodecasaCodecasa
GIO CHI THE'43,00 (141',07'')2016F76Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaCodecasaCodecasa/Spadolini
DRAGOLUNA43,00 (141',07'')2019C122Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaCodecasaCodecasa
REGINA D'ITALIA65,00 (213'25'')2019F74Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaCodecasaCodecasa/M2Atelier
FRAMURA55,00 (180',44'')2020C123Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaCodecasaGozzi/Codecasa
MY LEGACY56,00 (183',72'')2021F78Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaCodecasaCodecasa/Spadolini
BOJI43,00 (141',07'')2022F77Steel - Aluminium2 CaterpillarCodecasaCodecasaCodecasa


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