Rescue boat “Ognitempo Classe 300”


The Class 300 Rescue Boats, Allweather and self-righting vessels, are designed for the Maritime rescue service (SAR) and are able to operate individually or simultaneously with airplanes, helicopters or other aircrafts, even in adverse weather and sea conditions. With a standard crew of 4 members, they can save up to 100 survivors on board and provide first aid, by means of rescue life rafts, up to 210 persons. They are equipped with modern telecommunication, navigation and discovery devices and with some special equipments, such as a perimetrical fender, highly resistant to impacts and abrasions, which besides providing an enormous buoyancy reserve, it allows the approach to any vessel even in adverse sea conditions.

Dettagli Imbarcazione
Length Overall 18.80m
Maximum Beam 6.100m
Maximum Draft 1.070m
Classification R.I.Na. MIL Certificated C (Maltese Cross) Rescue and Maritime Police, Special Navigation
Displacement approx. 30,500 tons
Main engines n° 2 MAN D 2842 LE 410 809Kw (1100Hp) @ 2100rpm
Water Jets n° 2 Ka.Me.Wa Rolls Royce mod. FF 550
Generators Kholer 20 EFZD 20Kw 230V
Maximum speed 30 knots full loaded
Range 460 miles
Fuel oil capacity 6.200 litres