After the three CODECASA 65’s delivered between 2008 and 2010, which are the current flagships of the displacement Yachts series signed by the Viareggio shipyard, Codecasa Shipyards are proud to present the project of a new CODECASA 65 (see picture that reviews and highlights those distinctive features of the three previous hulls that made them so successful.

“The new CODECASA 65 is a sober and elegant Yacht that soon conveys a feeling of solidity without appearing too rigorous. Its intentionally “masculine” profile, balanced between classic and trendy lines, captivates thanks to a natural and thoughtful synthesis of the Codecasa nautical tradition with the classic lines evolution, achieving the new classic style by subtraction” explained Domenico Gozzani, Codecasa Shipyards Exterior Stylist.

It is, therefore, an exercise in style that gathers all those classic yet contemporary lines that have always been making the Codecasa style immediately recognizable and identifiable.

Featuring big interior volumes and extremely clean and precise exterior lines, the new CODECASA 65 is distributed over four decks. The Lower Deck with the Guests’ area made of four large cabins. The Main Deck entirely devoted to the reception and the hospitality thanks to the huge salon and the adjacent dining room. To follow the Upper Deck, for the exclusive benefit of the Owner, that includes a second salon and a large Owner’s Suite with a contiguous VIP cabin and a direct access to a very private external living area forward. To conclude, then, the Bridge Deck with its wheelhouse and big spaces for other amenities, to be chosen by the Owner.

The final outcome is a Yacht poised in the hull and superstructures distribution, that recovers those stylemes belonging to the nautical tradition, using as few lines as possible and limiting itself to the essential ones, without renouncing to the solidity of the whole. This leads the observer to be spontaneously fascinated and subtly and naturally seduced, something that only well-proportioned shapes and fine geometries can do, never losing their sobriety and never meaning to surprise at all costs through showy devices, special effects or any other eccentricities of the moment.

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