Beyond the known horizon of style (typical of the maritime tradition), the innovative project CODECASA JET 2020 of the Codecasa Shipyards, which is born from the intuition and the hand of Fulvio Codecasa, completely breaks the mold, taking inspiration from the typical lines of aviation and reinterpreting them in a nautical key, giving rise to something never seen at sea.

The project of the Yacht, with its soft shapes and generous interior and exterior spaces, has recently been reviewed, thanks to the close collaboration between Fulvio Codecasa and one of the most prestigious names in the International nautical design, the Designer Tommaso Spadolini. Backed by a collaboration and a connection which has lasted for years, Codecasa and Spadolini have made few but substantial changes that have affected both the external lines and the redistribution of the internal spaces.

Regarding this last point, stands out now as the flagship of this Yacht, the Master Suite that, located aft, is spread over two floors, ensuring maximum comfort and extreme privacy to the occupants.

Such is the confidence that Fulvio Codecasa has placed in this project and such the enthusiasm with which Spadolini has accepted the idea, that Builder and Designer have begun to collaborate also on a smaller version, the CODECASA JET 50, a yacht of 49.9 meters of length overall, with a Tonnage Gross contained under the 500 tons.

Still in the process of being defined from the point of view of the technical equipment, the new CODECASA JET, like all the production of the Shipyard, will be distinguished by the well-known and high quality standards that have made the brand Codecasa famous worldwide, it will be equipped with Certifications issued by the main Registers of Shipping and Flagship internationally recognized and it will be equipped with the most innovative technological equipment available on the market, so that the discovery of new horizons always takes place in conditions of maximum safety.