WORK IN THE NAUTICAL INDUSTRY AS A YACHTING SURVEYOR, MANAGER OF TOURISM AND LOGISTICSThe ISYL Foundation promotes training paths with NAVIGO and Viareggio district’s shipyards

We are pleased to inform that 3 new courses are about to start, they are organized by ISYL Italian Super Yacht Life Foundation., of which Codecasa Shipyard is one of the Founders and supporters, with the purpose of training future professional people in the yachting industry.

There are 3 courses with 75 places available for as many young high school graduates who wants to acquire knowledge, technical skills, and approach the working world to find an employment in yachting and in other strategic sectors such as logistics and tourism.

For more information, to view and download the calls and to register, you may contact: Higher Technical Institute for Sustainable Mobility I.S.Y.L. ITALIAN SUPERYACHT LIFE |  – ​​Ph. +39 0584 389731


Please see the ISYL press release: 

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