m.y. Libra in Viareggio

Codecasa Shipyards are delighted to announce that the m.y. Libra, the second unit of the 42 meters Vintage Series, completed in 2013, is back at their premises in Viareggio.

This Yacht, which is now quietly standing out with her unique white and light grey livery in the marina next to the Codecasa Shipyards headquarters, has been recently handed over to her second Owner.

In these days, the Yard Interior Designers are finalizing with the Owning Company Representative, some small fine-tuning works, mainly involving the Interiors, which will let the Yacht suit even better the new Owner’s needs.

Those works, anyway, will not alter that absolute sobriety and elegance of materials and lines, which are Libra’s distinguishing features.

Codecasa Shipyards Management, while congratulating Libra’s new Owner, declares itself proud of the Owner’s confidence as well as for having been given the opportunity of executing the requested works, which will be certainly carried out with such a know-how and expertise that only the original Builder can ensure.


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