SALE OF THE CODECASA 42 – Vintage Series Hull #F73

Michael White of Ocean Independence and Ennio Buonomo of Codecasa Shipyards are delighted to announce the sale of the CODECASA 42 – Vintage Series, Hull F73 launched by Codecasa Shipyards last year.
The vessel, that will carry the Italian Flag and will be named Magari, with her ground breaking design and classic lines proved herself a great success during survey and sea trials.
A modern cleanly styled interior which combined with the legendary build quality of Codecasa puts the Yacht in a class of her own.
Michael White – a great advocate of the Codecasa – says: “It’s been a great pleasure dealing with the yard throughout the transaction. And I know that the new Owner is proud because he owns a World Class Yacht from a World Class Yard”.
From his side, Ennio Buonomo agrees that good cooperation and assistance from Michael White were imperative to make the deal run smoothly.
Michael White and Ennio Buonomo join to extend their congratulations to the new Owner, who is looking forward to many happy years of use of the Yacht.

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