Codecasa Shipyards are proud to announce the forthcoming launching of the M.Y. Framura 3, the new 50 meters, which is going to become the flagship of the Codecasa Sport range, that already includes the CODECASA 35s, the CODECASA 41s and the CODECASA 45s.

The launching will be held on Saturday, 22nd June 2013 at 11.00 am at the new Codecasa production site in the Darsena dei Navicelli in Pisa, in the presence of the Owning Company Representatives and few selected Guests.

The new CODECASA 50s, the delivery of which is scheduled at the end of the next month of July, was designed by Prof. Andre Bacigalupo.

The interiors, instead, are signed by Anna Maria and Franco Della Role, who for two years have been closely cooperating with the Owner’s personal Interior Designer.


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