CODECASA lands in Pisa

Fulvio Codecasa, Owner of Codecasa Shipyards in Viareggio, goes on investing in the industry, despite the financial crisis. In fact, Codecasa decided to aim higher, increasing its production sites in addition to the four ones in Viareggio and building four further industrial sheds in the new Navicelli Area in Pisa, the interesting feature of which is that it is not a State property. The idea was born mainly from the need of more spaces, now missing in the Viareggio area. Fulvio Codecasa felt a stronger need to have his own production structure, in which the building of hulls and superstructures could begin.

The new Codecasa Shipyards in Pisa will be mainly used for the realization of preassembled hulls and superstructures of Yachts going from the 35 meters Sport Series in light alloy up to the 65 meters steel displacement Yachts, the current flagship of the Codecasa brand, together with the new Vintage Series, the 42 meters of which has just been launched. Afterwards, they will be moved in the production sites in Viareggio to be completed and then delivered to the Owners. Another part of the sheds, on the contrary, will be used as storehouse and warehouse in order to lighten the Viareggio structures.

It cannot be excluded, moreover, the possibility to realize also the complete yachts in light alloy belonging to the Sport Series, up to 50 meters LOA, compatibly with the restrictions of the Navicelli channel infrastructures, mostly due to the dig of the channel and the bridge on the highway.

Codecasa’s lot, covering a surface of about 25.000 square meters, 15.000 of which used as operational areas and 10.000 of which are covered and divided into 4 sheds suitable to build megayachts up to 80 meters LOA, is equipped with a big travel lift with a lifting capacity up to 670 tons, provided by the Navicelli Society. Codecasa Shipyards are already operational in these new structures which represent a new challenge to further confirm their production capacity and the quality of their products, which are well-known worldwide.

With this new investment, Fulvio Codecasa proves his confidence in a general recovery of the industry.

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