Getting back to the antique with the purpose of bringing to light again its unaltered charm and its reassuring beauty.

As a reply to the extreme attempts to be different of who, for years, has been deeming that looking back was a restraint to innovation, more and more often, recently, the past has become the main source of inspiration. This behaviour has grown into a real trend that has involved the world of fashion and luxury goods, so that it is has been necessary to name it. To do this, a term from the oenological field has been borrowed, Vintage, a word that had been coined to refer to the wines of the best years, the taste of which improves as the time passes.

Black or white, then, no compromise and no nuance: up to now it looked like everyone could either learn from the past or necessarily escape from it.

Halfway between these two trends, anyway, there is the new 42 meters Vintage Series from Codecasa Shipyards, that in the next future will be followed by a 50 meters. It is a boat that seems to be able to reconcile both who feels nostalgic of the good old times and who believes that there can be no modernity without breaking with all that has existed before, inviting both of them to an updating of their vocabulary.

As a matter of fact, the new project of the historical Shipyard of Viareggio, follows known paths to mark out new roads and turns towards the past, not with the melancholic attempt to celebrate something that is lost, but rather, with the purpose of recovering a timeless style and to find in it the push to jump into the future.

Its lines with a faintly retro taste co-exist with a forefront technology; the safety assured by last generation outfits goes together with a d’antan style that is still able to rouse new and exciting emotions; the richness of its precious materials matches with an intentionally simple and decontracté design, which is entrusted to Arch. Della Role, with whom the Shipyard since years has developed an active co-operation.

From a past age, not too far away, this new boat is taking her inspiration for her plain and traditional lines, that recall the main features of vessels that have made the history of the yachting, such as Moratti family’s mythic “Paraggina” or the equally legendary “Marlin”, owned by the Kennedys. And like these ones, perhaps, also this boat has the ambition to be one day recognized by her captivating silhouette and pointed out as the yacht that has marked the beginning of a new era in the shipbuilding and opened new boundaries in the luxury. As a reply to the slender profiles and sleek lines that have characterized (or rather standardized) the yachts of the last generation, finally on the horizon looms a boat with outlines that are temptingly firm, clean and compact. A boat that does not attack the sea but rather harmoniously combines with it.

Her straight and solid bow rather than breasting the waves seems to meet them, and it recalls that same symbiosis with the sea environment that is also suggested by her comfortable exterior areas. The spacious living area in the cockpit, the bridge deck with its dining room with an opening glass door and its exterior settees partially protected by a protruding roof, act as a counterpoise to the internal areas, organized in a luminous saloon, in an Owner’s Suite with wide windows, spectacularly located forward on the main deck, in a big guest area in the lower deck, made up by four cabins, two of which with a double bed and two twin-bedded.

Finally a boat which is comfortable but not huge, reassuring and not too fast, on which the modern Owner can become again the master of his own time, tasting the pleasure of cruising in a condition of total comfort without breathless races to reach his destination. The project of the hull entrusted to the experience and the competence of Codecasa Shipyards, the maximum speed of 17 knots assured by the two CAT engines 1650 Hp each and the fuel capacity of 77.000 liters, the hull in high tensile AH 36 steel and the superstructures in light alloy, the remarkable displacement (400 tons) and the guarantee offered by Certifications issued by worldwide recognized Classification Societies, like Lloyd’s Register and MCA, make this 42 meters a safe boat, suitable for covering long distances in any weather condition.

A cruising that is moderate and without excesses, then, in the speed as well as, consequently, in the consumption and in the running expenses. We can assume a range of 4.000 miles at a speed of 11 knots and the configuration of the boat, at least on the first unit, provides three cabins for the ship staff, in addition to the Captain’s, for a crew composed totally by only seven people.

The CODECASA 42 Vintage Series, the first specimen of which, Hull F73, was launched in Summer 2011, met great success at the 2011 Monaco Yacht Show and was awarded at the 2011 Nautical Design Awards. She was also among the finalists at the 2012 Showboats Awards.

Meanwhile, at the production sites of these Viareggio Shipyards, is being built the second unit of the 42 meters, sistership of the first one, registered as Hull F75, the completion of which is scheduled in Spring 2013.

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