Codecasa – Keeping it in the family (Yachts Emirates n. 32, July-August 2012)

Codecasa’s two centuries of trading is in itself an achievement, but when a shipyard boasts amongst its production portfolio commercial trawlers, container ships, high-speed Coastguard launches, offshore supply boats, fast aluminum yachts, large open sports yachts and custom steel yachts of up to 65m… that is seriously impressive. Such experience and a spread of competences in varied fields, ensures Codecasa’s reputation for quality of construction is comparable with the best international shipyards. Such a deep knowledge of shipbuilding can only be built over a long history of breaking new ground and a long tradition of innovation. The founding of the Codecasa shipyard in Viareggio dates back to 1825, when Giovanni Battista Codecasa (born in 1803) settled there and began building sailing boats.

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